Service Plans

Chicago Hearing Services realizes that hearing aids are expensive. Because of this, we offer a variety of custom built service plan options to make purchasing hearing aids easier for you. These purchasing options are flexible ways to acquire your hearing aids and accessories. These options provide for different price points and different service styles for your hearing aids and audiology services.

The Bundled Service Plan Option is all inclusive. There are no extra costs or fees. All consultations, hearing aid programming and verification, office visits, cleanings, adjustments, services, batteries, and consultations are included during the warranty of your hearing aid(s).

The Custom Built Service Plan Option is intended for the patient looking for the lowest purchasing cost particularly upfront. This option includes a thorough consultation, programming and verification of your instruments and accessories, and two office visits/adjustments following the fitting. We ensure your instruments are fitted and performing optimally. We provide service and support for the life of the instruments but charges may apply.

Hearing Instruments

Hearing devices come in all shapes and sizes and in varying technology levels to address your lifestyle and communication needs and demands. During your consultation, Dr. Vetter-Toalson will help you choose a device and service plan to meet your cosmetic and lifestyle needs.


starting the conversation

Starting the conversation with someone you care about.

When someone you love has a hearing loss, beginning that conversation can be difficult. We are here to provide that support and guidance as well as some tips on how to make that conversation begin more easily.


Insurance Questions

Chicago Hearing Services does accept most insurances. We are here to help you with any questions you may have.


insurance questions