We Offer Remote Hearing Care!

Skip the waiting room! Get hearing consultations and tunings at home via virtual appointments.

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We offer hearing devices that can be adjusted remotely to better fit your schedule and lifestyle.

We understand that sometimes it can be difficult to work an audiology appointment into your busy schedule, especially if hearing device issues hit unexpectedly. Now with teleaudiology, a new health care technology, Dr. Vetter can provide care no matter where you are!

What hearing devices can be tuned remotely?

Widex, Starkey and Resound devices all allow for better telehealth for patients. All you need is an iPhone (or Android soon) to connect and tune your hearing device.

When would remote support be used?

Remote tuning can be used for a variety of regular adjustments to your hearing device including:

  • Creating a new listening program to maximize a listening situation (ie meeting program for meetings).
  • Increasing or decreasing device volume.
  • Making tweaks to sound quality.
  • Follow-up adjustment after an in office-adjustment.
  • Making changes to a streaming audio program.
  • Resetting hearing aids to former settings.
  • Verifying fit following an in office repair.
remote support

Who is remote tuning best for?

Remote tuning can be a great option for anyone who wears a hearing device regularly, but may find it difficult to make it into our office for regular adjustments.

Work Around a Busy Schedule

Remote tuning is a great option if your work day is too busy to get away, or you just don’t have the time to make it into our office as soon as you need to.

Continue Care While Traveling

Some of our patients vacation during the winter or summer, or are avid travelers for work or pleasure and still want continuity of care in case something happens to their devices.

Fix Unexpected Issues

Hearing device it can have a huge impact on your life. Remote tuning can help you attempt to fix any issues sooner rather than waiting for an in office visit.

Just Skip The Traffic!

No need for any specific reason, remote tuning is all about offering more convenient options for our patients!

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Hearing Instruments

Hearing devices come in all shapes and sizes and in varying technology levels to address your lifestyle and communication needs and demands. During your consultation, Dr. Vetter-Toalson will help you choose a device and service plan to meet your cosmetic and lifestyle needs.


starting the conversation

Starting the conversation with someone you care about.

When someone you love has a hearing loss, beginning that conversation can be difficult. We are here to provide that support and guidance as well as some tips on how to make that conversation begin more easily.


Insurance Questions

Chicago Hearing Services does accept most insurances. We are here to help you with any questions you may have.


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