The Right Audiologist Makes a Difference

Chicago Hearing Services is built on personalized care, training, expertise and patient education. Each patient’s hearing loss experience is unique, and their care should be too. Reach out and begin a positive journey towards better hearing.

Meet Dr. Marie Vetter-Toalson, owner and audiologist of Chicago Hearing Services.

Dr. Marie Vetter-Toalson

Meet Dr. Marie Vetter-Toalson, owner and audiologist of Chicago Hearing Services.

Meet Dr. Marie Vetter-Toalson, owner and audiologist of Chicago Hearing Services.

It’s easy to take for granted the huge role hearing plays in our everyday lives. When individuals experience hearing loss, the social and emotional impact can be great. That’s why it’s important to work with an audiologist who will build an ongoing relationship with you or your loved one.

I’m dedicated to doing just that. We focus on creating a positive and integrative healthcare experience, so patients always leave informed and confident.

See what a difference personalized hearing care makes. Happy Hearing!

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Meet Dr. Emily Dudley, recent graduate of Pacific University’s accelerated Doctor of Audiology (AuD) program.

Dr. Emily Dudley

Meet Dr. Emily Dudley, recent graduate of Pacific University’s accelerated Doctor of Audiology (AuD) program.

Meet Dr. Emily Dudley , recent graduate of Pacific University’s accelerated Doctor of Audiology (AuD) program.

I’m happy to be part of a team focused on creating a more positive hearing healthcare environment. A personalized approach can make all the difference, and I look forward to providing that level of care for you or your loved one.

What makes us different…

Putting Patient Experience First Since 1990

Chicago Hearing Services was established in 1990 to enhance the lives of the patients we serve in Chicagoland. The entire team is dedicated to providing you with excellent, personalized care and service to make you or your child’s visits as comfortable and pleasant as possible.

Expertise & Standard of Excellence

A standard of excellence in audiology enables us to provide the quality services and products our patients deserve. Dr. Vetter-Toalson’s training and expertise as a Doctor of Audiology in hearing wellness allow the patients to experience their lives.

Customized Hearing Wellness Plans

Dr. Vetter-Toalson custom builds an individualized hearing wellness plan for each patient utilizing best practices as well as listening to the needs of the patient.

Emergency Care & Flexible Hours

Should a hearing emergency occur, we make every effort to see and care for you as soon as possible. We have convenient hours including early morning and evenings.

Our Services

Better hearing always begins with a hearing evaluation. This is a personalized diagnostic exam designed to identify each patient’s unique needs. This enables Chicago Hearing Services to design a customized hearing wellness plan for each individual.

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In addition to hearing evaluations, Chicago Hearing Services also provides:

Hearing Devices
Hearing Aid Repairs
Hearing Aid Adjustments
Aural Rehabilitation
Custom earplugs (including sleep plugs)
Full range of diagnostic testing
Cerumen/Wax Removal

Chicago Hearing Services is proud to serve our veterans by doing independent nexus reports and reviews. Dr. Vetter-Toalson also does independent medical evaluations as they pertain to legal cases.

Our Happy Patients & Families

“I cannot rave enough about Chicago Hearing Services. Recently I took my elderly mother to address her hearing impairment. Both of us found them extremely personable, knowledgeable and extraordinarily conscientious. The experience came as a great relief especially under such sensitive circumstances. They worked tirelessly to insure the concerns of my mother. You can tell they care about the patients.”


“Dr. Vetter is amazing! She was so kind and helpful. She spent so much time with me and made me feel comfortable by explaining everything she was doing. She gave me my first pair of hearing aids which made me kind of nervous, especially since I’m 21, but she put me at ease. I never want to see another provider for my hearing issues. I’d recommend Dr. Vetter to everyone I know!”


“I have never experienced such wonderful service and because of them I am enjoying hearing everything clearly and naturally once again. They treat patients with the utmost of respect and sensitivity. I highly recommend that anyone who is looking for exceptional audiology and hearing aid service to visit Chicago Hearing Services.”


“Dr. Vetter-Toalson is truly a bright Ray of sunshine in a field of professionals that have been less than helpful. I can’t thank you enough for making at least some aspect of my father’s care feel easy!”


Hearing Instruments

Hearing devices come in all shapes and sizes and in varying technology levels to address your lifestyle and communication needs and demands. During your consultation, Dr. Vetter-Toalson will help you choose a device and service plan to meet your cosmetic and lifestyle needs.


starting the conversation

Starting the conversation with someone you care about.

When someone you love has a hearing loss, beginning that conversation can be difficult. We are here to provide that support and guidance as well as some tips on how to make that conversation begin more easily.


Insurance Questions

Chicago Hearing Services does accept most insurances. We are here to help you with any questions you may have.


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