Hearing Devices 101

Hearing is not an all or nothing phenomenon. People, whether children or adults, show varying degrees of hearing at varying frequencies in both ears. The implications of this fact are often overlooked for a variety of reasons that include a lack of understanding about modern technology that improves access to sound. No two people are alike and neither are their hearing losses and lifestyle needs. Dr. Vetter-Toalson uses a personalized approach during the consultation in recommending hearing device options to best meets every patient’s preferences, from childhood through adulthood. Chicago Hearing Services offers a wide array of hearing device options and service plans to meet all budgets, lifestyles, cosmetics, and hearing loss need. From a behind-the-ear hearing device to a completely invisible hearing device, Dr. Vetter-Toalson will work with you to figure out the most comfortable and appropriate style for you. Contact us to schedule your personalized consultation today!

Hearing devices can do a number of things, such as:

  • Dramatically improve your hearing
  • Reduce your listening effort
  • Improve your ability to engage and communicate with others
  • Heighten your awareness of your surroundings (You’ll hear honking cars, sirens, barking dogs, etc.)

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“Wow I feel like I have a whole new world! I am so glad I got these hearing aids”-Carlos

Hearing Instruments

Hearing devices come in all shapes and sizes and in varying technology levels to address your lifestyle and communication needs and demands. During your consultation, Dr. Vetter-Toalson will help you choose a device and service plan to meet your cosmetic and lifestyle needs.


Hearing Aids
Hearing Aids

Starting the conversation with someone you care about.

When someone you love has a hearing loss, beginning that conversation can be difficult. We are here to provide that support and guidance as well as some tips on how to make that conversation begin more easily.


Insurance Questions

Chicago Hearing Services does accept most insurances. We are here to help you with any questions you may have.


Hearing Aids